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AZ Pool and Outdoor is a dual Residential & Commercial pool designer, builder and remodeler. We offer traditional cement-based and new innovative flexible products for pool interiors and deck surfaces. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with a solution to meet their needs, from the initial design process with 3D plans & videos on YouTube, to help visualize your completed project before we start. 

We offer Travertine and Acrylic Deck, Micro Pebble pool interiors or the new Urethane-based flexible materials to replace the traditional concrete based products for decks & pool interiors.

The Poly Splash Pool Interiors & AZ Sport Deck surfacing systems are a super bonding, flexible synthetic resin modified rubber solid membrane coating which forms a cost effective, durable, anti-skid, weather and chemical resistant surfaces over properly prepared substrates. It can be applied to, but not limited to shower and restrooms, pool decks, pool interiors, splash pads, locker rooms and most properly prepared surfaces.

Extensive ASTM testing has been completed for Fungus, slip resistance, Taber abrasion, fire resistance & chemical leaching to meet or exceed the requirements for Commercial & Residential installations.

The new Poly Splash & AZ Sport Deck lines are flexible & softer to the touch than the standard concrete based products that have been used traditionally. Plaster or Pebble pool interiors & Acrylic deck coatings have been used for many years and the demand for better options has created the need for a new pool interior and deck finish that was more comfortable to the touch and did not hurt your feet. 

Poly Splash was created by Flex Ground & installed on municipal Splash pads at City Parks thru out the Phoenix Metro area & the country. Flex Ground is the leader in manufacturing products specializing in Outdoor Public Recreation surfaces and materials.  AZ Pool and Outdoor are approved installers for Poly Splash Pool interiors & AZ Sport Deck installations.

We have been working with Flex Ground over two years testing, modifying the material and installation process, for swimming pool interiors and deck applications. This collaboration between the manufacture and swimming pool-based installers has developed a system that will provide a comfortable surface that is safe & durable.

AZ Pool and Outdoor has focused on the installation of the new comfortable and durable alternative surfaces. We are proud to offer this new product line that is cost effective in addition to the traditional surfaces we have all used for new or remodel pool projects.

Review the photos of a New AZ Sport Deck installation in Phoenix – the back yard has been transformed by the most creative Homeowner! to a Stay Home Vacation Paradise!! You must see this yard!

How We Work

 The  need for a better option than the current cement products available and  we are aligned with the manufactor to be the certified and licensed  installer for this new product line of pool interiors.